Mediumship Reading $75


The pain that follows after the loss of a loved one is almost unbearable. It's hard to pick up and move on with your life when your heart is so heavy, your mind is constantly going, and your soul is aching to have them back. This pain is actually the reason behind Vanessa opening up and sharing her abilities. Her light was always on but when she lost someone very close to her, that's when her little light turned into a mighty big lighthouse. This light beamed so bright she was able to establish a very powerful connection. This connection gave her all the answers to this tragedy in her life. Not only did she receive the closure she needed but she gained all of her knowledge through the Souls she connected with, they still continue to guide her down this journey on a daily basis.


  Through a Reading Vanessa can help connect you back to those you have lost. This is such an amazing experience, it truly helps the healing process like nothing else.